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Our History

The inception of Saramen Chuuk Academy can be traced back in the early 1970's. The vision of having another Catholic high school in Chuuk had been impregnated in the minds of the Chuukese since the 70's but nothing actually ever came to birth. Parent after parent literally cried to the Bishop to open a new Catholic high school in the 1980's but still the notion sat unattended and table until further notice.

In the early past of 1990,Bishop Martin J.Neylon,S.J.finally gave his approval to open another Catholic high school in Chuuk.Immediately thereafter,Bishop Amando Samo took the task of establishing a school board and great blessing came to the island of Chuuk with Saramen Chuuk Acadamy.

SCA at second campusFinding a home for Saramen Chuuk Academy was extremely difficult. Thoughts were to fill in garbage dump area and build the school there. Others were to extend the parking lot for the Tunnuk Cathedral and do landfill toward the ocean side. Still others were to purchase a piece of land or rent a building as classrooms spaces. With limited time to work and plan, St.Cecilia School became the best alternate to begin the first year of Saramen Chuuk.

So it was in September 1990 Saramen chuuk Academy opened its doors to 70 young chuukese boys and girls in the old St. Cecilia School Cafeteria. Enthusiastic as they were, the students were proud to be the first class of Saramen Chuuk Academy.

The second year came and another group of 70 students entered, increasing the enrollment and demanding more classroom space. Saramen chuuk was blessed and grateful to the very generous family of Mr.& Mrs. Nick Bossy, who graciously offered a building on their property that used to be the old Hotel Mwaramwar to be Saramen Chuuk's second home.

SCA rising During the third school year Saramen Chuuk finally settled in its permanent location in downtown Nepukos adjacent to Holy Family church. Classes started in the building before the third floor was completed. Difficult as it was with the hammering of nails, shoveling of gravel and pushing of wheelbarrows to second floor, eager students continued to learn despite all the on-going construction. Construction of the permanent building of Saramen Chuuk Academy was made possible by funds appropriated by the Chuuk Delegation and the Congress of the Federated State of Micronesia. Saramen Chuuk is indebted to FSM Congress, especially to Speaker Jack Fritz and the rest of the Chuukese Delegation and the support of the FSM President.

Saramen Chuuk Academy now stands as a three-floor complex equipped with ten classroom, a library, a computer room, a science laboratory, a campus ministry room, a school store, teachers' office, a faculty lounge and a main office. Our yearly enrollment averages 235 students with the full faculty of 25 teachers, office workers and other staff members.

Alma Mater

Looking beyond today,
Knowing our destiny is in your hands
We sons and daughters of Saramen Chuuk
Wil be to serve you always.

Our Lady of Saramen Chuuk academy,
following your Son making His life
Our own.Wherver we go,whatever we do
Doing only His will.

As sons and daughter of Chuuk,
With your light as our guide
Patterning our lives with yours
Our Lady of Saramen Chuuk
Into the future we will go.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the academy is a three-fold mission, which lies in the name of the school itself. Saramen Chuuk Academy literally means " the light of Chuuk." The academy aims to provide quality education-education that enables persons to reach the fullness of their potential. The academy also aims to develop conscientious young citizens into loving, responsible adults who will help serve as a bearers of Light to others and their community. Finally, the academy seeks to develop mature and intelligent young Chuukese men and women committed to the love of God and their country.

Goals & Objectives

To provide educationally challenging programs to assure that each child has a command of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills necessary to communicate effectively.

To guide the child toward that Spirit of Freedom which recognizes self-discipline and personal responsibility.

To foster the development of self-confidence a healthy self-concept, initiative and creativity.

To instill in its students a genuine willingness to place their abilities at the service of their community, but especially to those who are most needy.

To promote appreciation of students' cultural heritage, and to help integrate traditional values and customs with the best elements of the new western influences.

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