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Admission Policy

Saramen Chuuk Academy seeks to provide a high school education for more talented young people, Catholic or non-Catholic. Hence, it screens admissions for acadamic ability through a yearly test. Those who have passed the acadamic test are screened for character and commitment.

Admission Procedure

1. All entering freshmen must pass the entrance examination that is administrated in February of each year. Saramen Chuuk Academy will send letters of initial consideration and parents' release form to those who have passed the entrance examination.

2. A recommendation form will be sent directly to the student's teacher who knows the students well. Another letter requesting copies of student's records and transcript will be sent to the principal of the school. All three items (parents release form, teacher recommendation forms and transcripts) must be completed and send to the principal of Saramen Chuuk Academy before a set deadline. Once everything is collected, the admission committee will begin reviewing each applicant.

3. The admissions committee makes the final initial selection of incoming freshmen. When committee completes the selection of accepted students, a letter of acceptance will be sent to those who are accepted. In adition, a list of alternates will be made and these students will be notified of their alternate status. All accepted students must register (by a set deadline) for a required summer program(cost $50) to asses their English and Math Skills. If a student on the accepted list does not register by this deadline, then students on the alternate list will be allowed to register. Saramen Chuuk Academy will accept the first 70 students, and all 70 must attend the summer school program. After the summer program, an evaluation will be completed for each student. Those students who fail to meet a passing skill level will be asked to be transfered. Their position will be filled from a waiting list. If a student successfully passes the summer program, a $70 deposite and registration fee is required to reserve a seat will be given to a student on the waiting list. If a student decides not to come in August, the registration fee ($20) is forfeited, but the deposit ($50) is refundable. All incoming students must complete and return a medical form available in the office before school begins.

4. Transferees. Student wishing to transfer to Saramen Chuuk Academy may do so by following the admission policy and procedure. Transfer students may be accepted into the 10th grade only.

5. Married students. Saramen Chuuk Academy does not accept married student or allow them to continue in the school.

6. Dropouts: Students who are dropped from other schools for academic or disciplinary reasons will generally not be admitted to Saramen Chuuk Academy.

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Tuition Policy

Tuition at Saramen Chuuk Academy is based on a Ten Month rate. Total tuition is $600 for the academic school year ($60 a month) plus a $20 registration fee.

Initial Tuition Due In August

A full month's tuition is paid for August, which constitutes the two weeks in August and two weeks in June normally considered as part of the school year calender. Although students may not be in session during these certain days, Administration, Faculty, and Staff are already working during these weeks and therefore tuition payments are requested. Tuition is the major source for payment of salaries. If you are having troubles paying PLEASE come to the office and talk to the Principal or the Financial Officer.

Registration and Instructional Fees

Registration and Instructional Fees are payable at the time a student is registered and must be paid in full. Once payment has been made, the fees are not refundable. Payments made in the form of checks must be made payable to Saramen Chuuk Academy. Checks returned for whatever reason will be assessed and additional $15.00 payable in cash.
Istructional Fees cover expenses for consumable books and materials used within the classroom throughout the school year and for any other educational materials that may used.

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