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Advanced Computer Class 2002

SCA Web Team photo

Top: (Left to Right) Jonathan Ruber, Ezra Ezra, Melvin Paulis, Htoo Saw Kapaw, Erick Sam

Bottom (Left to Right) Marly Kony, Mavily Rhaym, Dania Paulis, Presenta Namio, Keserin Hanseto, Rejoice Kincho, Jennifer Lukas, Amalia Ensely Walter, and Mazako Sechaph

arleenThe initial endeavor to design a web site for Saramen Chuuk Academy is attributed to this wonderful group of dedicated students at Saram. This team, led by their teacher, Ms. Arleen Kaz, provided most of the text and photos for this website as part of their Advanced Computer Class at Saramen Chuuk Academy.

Former SCA teacher Reina (Arleen) Kaz, graduated from Xavier High School now lives in Southern California where she is attending the Institute for Computer Technology.


Former SCA teacher Bill Zahner now teaches at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, CA.

SCA graduate Dionisialynn Bernard now attends Santa Clara University, CA.

SCA graduate Micaela Martin now lives in Santa Clara where she works in retail for a local company


Web Design

Vid & Desha RaatiorThe overall design of this web site is done by the husband and wife team of Vidalino Raatior & Desha Staley Raatior who work in higher educational institutions in California. Vid works as Associate Director at the Center for Multicultural Learning at Santa Clara University while Desha serves as the Assistant Director for Student Activities at the University of San Francisco. Vid taught at Xavier High School in Chuuk for 3 years and was part of the team that began the Emmaus Retreat at Saramen Chuuk Academy in its early years. Living in California, they run Big Feet Design, a web design company for newly weds. If you want to hire Big Feet Design for your school or business website, please visit our web site:




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