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Rejoice Kincho, Dania Paulis, Masako Sechaph, on May 21, 2002


Christmas Play 2002

The Christmas Play this year was held at our new gymnasium with parents, friends, students, teachers, and benefactors in the audience.

Senior Entertainment

The last entertainment that is held at the end of the school year is known as the"senior entertainment." The senior entertainment has been a tradition for the school. It is a time to entertain the seniors before they graduate from Saram. On this day, the students perform many kinds of entertainments, such as dancing, singing and performing skits.


All students experience going on a retreat. Freshmen takes a day off from school to go on a retreat, and so do the Sophomores. Juniors, take a different kind of retreat which they call it "Emmaus Retreat". It is a required retreat, meaning juniors can not move to senior year without completing it. It takes four days for Emmaus Retreat. Seniors, go on a regular kind of retreat. It only takes them 3 days. Faculty and Staff, on the other hand, usually have two retreats. One at the beginning of a school year and one at the end. They get to pick any place they like to have their retreat.

Cultural Day

It was started ever since this school start and it was called "Sons and Daughters Day". It was always celebrated on the day of Thanksgiving during weekend. It was a night where the students performed different kinds of performances and skits. The school and the students invited the parents, guardians and friends to come and join the celebration.


Every year Saramen Chuuk Academy celebrates its school spirit through track and field events. All the classes compete against each other through many fun and challenging activities.

Christmas Activities

It has been a tradition, before our school takes break for Christmas, the drama class always perform a play and the student body sings english and chuukese christmas songs. People come to see for free.

Spirit Week

Spirit week is one of the funnest activity at SCA. During the spirit week, students of SCA are to wear different attires for each day. Students are divided into four teams;And throughout this whole week there are games each of these four teams take part in by competing. The teams are 9-white and 12-white, 9-Maroon and 12-Maroon, 10-White and 11-White, 10-Maroon and 11-Maron. The following links are links to what the actual events for each days of the spirit week.

School Picnic

Our school has two school picnics in a year. First picnic is a social gathering. A time to get to know new students, and workers. For the second picnic both students and staff spend the time to have fun together before school ends.


Our school also celebrates the Halloween night with different boothes for fundraising and having fun. Each classes has its own boothe to take care of. The money they fundraise goes to the school's needs.

Musical Extravaganza

It has been a tradition that Saramen Chuuk Academy have musical extravaganza.All the students including the staff have something to perform. Musical Extravaganza is always at night time. This year the musical extravaganza was on the night of April 27, 2002.

Newcomers Entertainment

The very first activity that the students celebrate by welcoming the newcomers for both new students and staff. This always happens at the beginning of a school year.

Valentine's Coronation

The Valentine's Coronation is known as the biggest fundraising for the school. Students from each classes pick two representatives from their classes to take part in the King and Queen Coronation. The class that gets the most money, wins. There is really no rewards for winners. The money, they make, goes to what the school needs. For this year's King and Queen goes to the class of 2005, J-Nick Engichy and Valerie Jean Marcus.


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